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Hi I'm Seong Jun/Sung Jun (use whichever sounds better). Anyway I'm the host of Memoirs from the Moon. If you're new to my site let me give you a quick introduction. I'm a Korean who speaks English as my first language. Confused ? So am I! This blog is just an outlet for my insane ramblings and a few tales from Korea (thanks mum) and Thailand. I'll also share my love for Warcraft with you and try to provide some cool things for other gamers. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The City of CCC

Part 4

When Marcus woke up he was tied to a chair in what seemed to be a hanger. Luckily the door to his right was open. He tried to get loose, but the knot was unusually tight and complex for him to untie, so he started to hop towards the door. Suddenly, the door slammed shut and a voice from the darkness said “Where do you think you’re going?” Marcus, now aware of another presence, began to get more worried and after a moment shouted “Where are you?”
The voice said, in a flat emotionless tone, “Right behind you.”
Marcus started to struggle even more when the bounty hunter asked “Why do you continue to struggle when you know what is to become of you?”
Marcus started to get annoyed. “Because I need to visit to my partner.”
Then the voice became silent. Marcus asked “you’re a bounty hunter, aren’t you?” The voice again said nothing. With a loud crash the door burst open and an angry man entered the hanger.

Marcus was sure the voice was a bounty hunter, but he couldn’t see him. Before he could collect his thoughts the angry man slapped him and shouted in his ear “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE MONEY?!”
Marcus, recovering from the slap, said “I don’t have it.”
The man didn’t believe him and said “Well if you don’t have it, who does?”
Marcus said “untie me and I’ll show you.” Marcus thought that he angry man was the restaurant owner.
“Oh, no. I’m not falling for that one.”
After what seemed like hours of walking in circles, the restaurant owner took out a gun from his coat pocket and threatened Marcus again. “You are going to tell me where you hid my money before I blow your head off!” Marcus just snorted at him.
Suddenly, the hanger door was blown into a million pieces and an armored van came charging though. The driver aimed straight at the restaurant owner and hit him head on. The van then spun 180 degrees and Elisa opened the rear doors and hauled Marcus in before giving the signal to leave.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The City of CCC

Part 3

After a week both Elisa and Marcus had their mail delivered as usual. They also received the plans and blueprints of the “High Security System” of the restaurant that they had been to last week. That night Marcus and Elisa went to the back of the restaurant to meet, so that they could get to work. Marcus who travels only by running got there 20 minutes early, because he likes to be there before anyone else. This was a habit for Marcus, but Elisa on the other hand likes to be on the edge where if there are 15 minutes left she gets there just on time. Marcus waited for his parents and Elisa for exactly 20 minutes. When they did they got to work right away. In their plan they decided to cut out the main power first, then the back up, because the black out will give them approximately 50 seconds before the system starts the back up. Secondly, they decided to hack the main computer in the security room just above the “Triple A safe” so that the security devices would disengage. Lastly, to crack the safe open would be the toughest because they didn’t have the right tools for the job, but they do have the best hacker in all of CCC.

They made sure no one would be here by bribing most of the late night cleaners and by stealing the keys to the door. When they started Marcus was the first to get in Elisa was second. When they entered the restaurant Marcus’s parents cut the power and all the cameras went off. Elisa started the 50 second countdown timer and
said “First one there gets more cash!”
Marcus heard and started running as well. Marcus got to the security room first followed by Elisa, they were 20 seconds early. Elisa started to complain that he wasn’t very fair.
Marcus asked “How can you joke when we have to pull off a job?”
She replied “You're no fun are you?” Then the power came back to the building and the security monitors turned on again. Elisa took out a laptop and plugged it in to the computer and began to work. She finished working after 30 minutes and opening up the computer and disabling all the security cameras, movement sensors, heat sensors, and pressure sensors.

Soon after they walked to the safe where Marcus did his best thing, cracking a safe by force. Elisa began to complain that force wasn’t the best option. Marcus thought she just didn’t want to be left out.
So Marcus said “No, I will open the safe on my terms”
Elisa shrugged and said “Ok, lets see you open that safe.”
Marcus replied “My pleasure” and took out a sledge hammer and began to whack the safe with all his strength, but like Elisa said, it didn’t open so he tried a different option by using an acetylene torch to open the safe. Still it didn’t work but he kept on going until he said “This is impossible!!”
Elisa begged to differ and said “Can I try?”
Marcus replied, annoyed “Sure go ahead.”
Elisa pulled out what seemed to be a miniature camera and an electric drill. She first drilled a hole in the middle of the safe and put the camera through. She moved the camera until she got the right position, then pushed upwards and Marcus heard a loud cling and the safe door opened. Marcus’s jaw dropped open he began to mumble “H-how d-did you do that?”
She replied “A magician never reveals his tricks.”
Marcus said “That is the oldest cliché I’ve heard all year.”
Then without a word they put all the money in a suit case and began to walk towards the door. Then Marcus saw and felt nothing...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The City of CCC

Part 2

The day Marcus moved to CCC and started his life as a thief was easier than expected and during this process he slowly got information on his parents. After a year at CCC he found out that they were once the most notorious thieves of CCC they robbed every house and shop in CCC and they never got caught. Until one day they suddenly disappeared and CCC was released from their tyranny. Marcus felt proud to have been adopted by them, but he was also confused why they never told him that they were the most notorious thieves in CCC. Could it have been because they couldn’t trust him or could it be because they just didn’t want to reveal themselves? Later that day when he was returning from another successful robbery then the telephone rang. He picked it up and heard his father’s voice who explained to him that they would like to visit him because they haven’t seen him since he left for CCC. So they wanted to arrange a little family reunion in about 3 day’s time. They kept in touch with him and told him the place and the time of the reunion.

At the third day Marcus went to a restraunt near the southern border of CCC the most luxurious part of CCC where the security system was tighter than a straight jacket. They were supposed to meet at 3 P.M., but it seems their running a little late. At round about 3:30 they arrived with an unexpected guest. She was quite a charming young woman, but Marcus thought to himself that he wasn’t interested in women not now any ways. When they all sat down Marcus’s parents introduced Marcus to Elisa. They explained that they wanted them to pull off a job for them. Marcus raised his eyebrow while Elisa seems to be fidgeting. They told them their plan first we will be waiting outside of this restraunt with a truck. Second both of you will sneak into the manager’s office and open the safe behind his desk. Lastly, you’ll have to get out undetected so that we can make a clean get away. Marcus quickly took control of the session and said “Wait, I can pull this job off by myself why do I need to work with her?” Elisa took notice of what Marcus said and replied “Because this place is crawling with security and I doubt that you can hack a Triple-A safe?” Marcus was stumped and started to argue with Elisa. Soon his mother calmed him down then asked “Will you do the job or not?” They both agreed as long as they stood out of each others way. His father then said “Good we’ll send you the information to you by mail.” they all agreed and left the restraunt.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The City of CCC

Part 1

The story begins at the city of CCC. Here at the city of CCC there is neither government nor police. It’s a paradise for those who dream of adventure and fortune. This is the place where you don’t want to end up if you don’t know how to take care of yourself and what I mean by that is you’d better be able to run! Running is very important in this city because you’ll be under many threats like a crazy gun man or muggers. You’ll especially need this skill if you get yourself into trouble with a man with power because he can issue a bounty on you. Right now the only person with a bounty larger than Osama bin Ladin would have to be Marcus Vasulle. He robbed 80 houses, three banks and a jewelry store and boy does he know how to run! Before starting the story lets see how Marcus came to be Marcus. Marcus was an orphan since birth so like any kid found on the street without parents or guardians he was sent to an orphanage in a small town reasonably far from CCC. There he was nothing, but a trouble making brat who would steal anything that pleased him. He was also the type who likes to take gambles. What I mean by this is he really knew how to take opportunities and take them to his advantage.

He spent 13 years in the orphanage until one day; two very elderly looking people came and adopted him. From that point onwards he was taught how to be a thief, unknown to him another was being taught the ways of a thief as well. Until he was 16 he trained for morning to night. When he reached the age of 17 he went and did his first robbery. It turned out to be the most unexpected robbery, for he didn’t rob the house which was designated instead he aimed higher for his own good. He robbed the jewelry store with the most expensive and utterly impenetrable security system. Yet he robbed the place like a pro thief would do even though this was his first. Then without warning the alarm went off because he triggered the one which goes off when the door is opened from the inside. From that point he knew if he stayed in the town they’d find out who did it a probably arrest him. Even though he had a choice to leave all the jewelry behind and act innocent he thought that he went through too much trouble to get it. So he ran from the town to a nearby field where he hid for a week until his parents found him. When they did they said “if you’re going to run you should run to CCC where you can earn respect among people like us.” Marcus thought for a moment and agreed to go. From that point onwards he truly became Marcus Vasulle a respected thief in CCC.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Trip to Pang Nam day two

I woke up this morning with an awful head ache and the usual back ache. My tent-mate was sleeping soundly. I decided not to wake him because I woke up earlier than the scheduled time. I walked around the campsite and my mind was still hazy, until a sprinkler deployed and soaked me with ice cold water. After I got out of range of the sprinkler I remembered I didn’t take a shower last night so since I was soaking wet I thought I'll take a shower. Strangly it felt warm maybe it was because I was freezing when I wasn’t in the shower.

After an hour or two I noticed that the others were waking up and roaming around. I went back to my tent to see if my tent-mate was up and he was. There was still two hours before breakfast so asked my tent-mate if he wanted to play “Magic the Gathering” and he said yes. When it was time for breakfast we had to listen to the teacher talk about the resort and its staff which will be helping us in the trek, abseiling, and rock climbing for at least thirty minutes. When the introduction ended we all stood up to get our food until the teacher told us to stop. He said we will be going by table order first the teachers then us, unluckily my table was last. When the teacher told us it was our turn I tried to sprint from my chair instead I tripped and landed face forward on the floor. When I tried to get up I pulled the table down luckily no one on my table got their food yet so there was no mess.

After I actually had breakfast we had another two hours left before our first activity for the day which was the ropes course. Me and my tent-mate played MG (Magic the Gathering) for two hours straight until we had to go do the ropes course. When instructors came they told us that it was all about balance. I didn’t do so well on the balance bit of it. I fell off the rope two times nearly and when I had to do the jump form the pole it wasn’t easy because my underwear wasn’t made for such an occasion and well ripped. Luckily for me that it wasn’t my pants and that the ripping noise wasn’t too loud.
The rest I handled ok, especially walking blindfolded and making animal impressions.

After all these activities we had time to relax before lunch. Once again without anything to do we played MG for yet again two hours. At lunch there wasn’t anything interesting going on except for the fact that someone lost their lunch. After lunch the teachers told us that we will be leaving for the “jungle camp” in about one hour.

When we left for the jungle camp we walked a steep road and ended up getting really tired when we walked up. The trip over all was tiring and quite dangerous. When we were just nearly there we had the steepest route possible we had to climb up not trek. We slowly made our climb with a steady and slow pace hoping the rope won’t snap and make us all fall to our doom.

When we actually got to some flat areas I was exhausted and so was my group of course the only flat areas were the campsite. When I checked the route back to the camp it was so close I thought I was going to leave my group at the jungle camp, but in the end I decided not to because if I did and got caught which was very likely I stayed. When night fell we all sat next to a fire and had some food which was good and because of the fact it was rice with curry. Lastly to finish off the day we listened to ghost stories which were mostly made up. After hearing them we had at least an hour before we had to hit the sack during this time we talked about how some stories were good and how some were just plain ridicules. Then when our time was up we all went to our tents and slept uneasily that night because of stories others told after the ones which was announced.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My trip to Pang nam

Day one

It is the day we first arrived at the resort. It is also the starting point of a long and extremely challenging activities. The first and second group gets the worst schedule the go to the jungle and camp there it is also a 3 hour trek to the camp site. Even though it was only 3 minutes away from the campsite!! Of course I wasn't complaining because my group were doing painting and other boring activities. We were also told that we will have to perform a talent show. Only one of my major weaknesses. The talent show had to be based on survivor, but not the song survivor or the seris. This widened the view luckly we had 4 more days ahead of us to think about ideas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My Trip to Khao Yai

Kaoi Yai is the place I went to for my school field trip. Most of us called it a concentration camp. It was because the ground was rock hard and the toilets smelled of dried urine. Apart from that it was lovely especially the cool climate. I liked the idea of cooking and cleaning for ourselves, but I had the most annoying tent partner, Ted. He needed me to help him get organized this included getting the gas cooker started, finding his stuff, and so on. Then again we did make a good team. Finally, I just decided to stay with him since it was the first we didn’t start trekking until tomorrow. The funny thing was nobody could sleep so every one was awake until 12 AM. Then at about 3 in the morning I woke up this was also because the ground was hard, but when I looked out the window I saw two people get out from one of the tents. It was Kyu and Che yu the two jokers of my class as I watched them they went towards the girls tents I felt uneasy, yet for some unknown reason I decided to ignore it and try to get some sleep.

The next day at 6:45 am I saw people outside walking I immediately woke up and went out for a stroll, but when I reached for my shoes they were gone and so was my tent mate. I started to ask people to tell my tent mate to bring me back my shoes, which inevitably happened when he came back from his stroll. After I got my shoes back I went for my stroll at about 7 am my fellow classmates started to have breakfast. When the breakfast was over the teachers came to us and told us to get all our things so that we could go on the trek. I packed all of my things into my bag and literally weighed 15 to 20 kilograms. When I got all of my things ready I saw some of my class mates getting their bags weighed so I decided to get my bag weighed as well because who the heck would want to carry more than they need to. I saw Che Yu’s bag weighed 10 kilograms and the teacher said put more things into it. I was shocked by how much we had to carry the boys had to carry 15 kilograms minimum the girls only had to carry 8 kilograms. The trek was long and treacherous we had to walk over a log across a river, walk through a very narrow path filled with spiny trees where most people got scratches and cuts. Still we managed to get back to our camp site in one piece. The other groups weren’t so lucky the last group got lost four times and had one injured person and in turn they arrived late at their destination 2 hours late. After that trekking incident the teachers decided to give us the remaining day off. I crawled back to my tent and fell asleep I woke up the next day missing out on the festivities. I could tell there was a party because the campsite was a mess. It was littered with large quantities of cans and soft drink bottles.

On the last day I woke up with a horrible back ache, I could barley get up. Eventually I got up and took a stroll my back felt a little better. I was hoping I had more time to recover because after break fast we have to go on a final trek our destination was a canteen. On this final trek we were all in bad condition. But, we still had to take the trek no matter how bad it was. Besides none of us had any broken bones and also it wasn’t as bad as the first one. They took us yet to an impassible walk which took many compromises to get to our destination. Still it was quite unnecessary because it was a 10 minute walk to the canteen. After we got to the canteen we were all relieved that we didn’t have to walk back. When we got back to our campsite the teachers told us to clean up so that we can leave. We did as we were told and then got on the bus and went home.